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Last updated 27 Mar 2024
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Womens Outdoor Season 2024

Womens Outdoor Season 2024

Event Dates

StartSunday 28 January 2024

FinishThursday 31 October 2024

Registration Dates

OpenSunday 28 January 2024

CloseThursday 31 October 2024

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    • 118 Casual 5 Games Grass
    • 247 Casual 5 Games Turf
    • 190 Casual 10 Games Grass
    • 535 Casual 10 Games Turf
    • 957 Turf PL 1-4
    • 731 Turf ML 1-3
    • 0 Junior & Senior Turf
    • 0 Junior & Senior Grass
    • 381 Grass
    • 680 Masters
    • 1,436 Turf PL 1-4 + Masters
    • 1,209 Turf ML 1-3 + Masters
    • 860 Grass + Masters
    • 911 Turf ML 1-3 + Grass
    • 581 Masters Dual S
    • 860 Turf PL 1-4 Dual S
    • 633 Turf ML 1-3 Dual S
    • 1,410 3 Competitions
    • 325 Other Club Masters Player

We offer the following payment options:
Credit / Debit Card

Terms and conditions

    It is a condition of membership at this club that all fees are each individual player's responsibility.
    Failure to comply with our fee policy could result in a member being de-registered.
    This will result in the player being un-financial, and ineligible to register anywhere else in Australia.
    Implementation of Practices
    Fees will be published and made available for members before the regular winter season commences.
    It is the responsibility of each Full time, or 10 Game Casual player to adhere to the following:
    . Each player must pay a $300 deposit before 27 February 2024.

    . The remainder of fees must be paid in fully before 10 May 2024.

    . Players are welcome to apply for a payment plan, but this needs to be advised via email to the Treasurer before 27 February 2024. It will also need to be accepted by the Treasurer.

    . All players with approved payment plans must pay their fees in full by 30 July 2024. Any players that have not paid in full by this date will be deregistered with BWHA and ineligible to play in finals campaigns.

    . Any players with outstanding fees after 10 May 2024, and who do not have an approved payment plan, will be contacted via email notifying them of their lack of payment. Their Coach and/or Manager will also be notified. Players will be asked to pay their outstanding fees by 31 May 2024. If payment is still not received by this date, Players will not be able to take the field in a BWHA fixture, until resolved.

    . If no payment has been made by 31 May 2024, the club reserves the right to de-registered the player with BWHA. The player, their Coach and/or Manager will be notified via email.

    . 5 game casual players must pay their fees in full before their first BWHA fixture.
    Each registering player has an obligation to fulfill their financial commitment to the club.
    Whilst the Committee is more than happy to accommodate financial hardship, we will not tolerate Non-Payment, after nil communication by an individual player.