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Last updated 27 Mar 2024
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Boys Hockey - News and Updates

2024 Training Times

Training Times

J1: 6pm-7pm Tues Burringbar; 4pm-4.45pm Thurs Nest

J2 Black: 6pm-7pm Tues Burringbar; 4.45pm-5.30pm Thurs Nest

J2 Blue: 6pm-7pm Tues Burringbar; 6.15pm-7.00pm Thurs Nest

U14-1: 5pm–6pm Tuesday Burringbar; 5.30pm-6.15pm Thurs Nest 

U14-2: 5pm–6pm Tuesday Nest; 5.30pm-6.15pm Thurs Nest 

U12: 6pm-7pm Thursday Dorrington

U9: 6pm-7pm Thursday Dorrington

U7: 6pm-7pm Thursday Dorrington

Eagles Academy with Astro - Skills Development (Nest)

U12 and u14-2: 4pm-6pm Tuesday 30/4, 21/5, 18/6, 23/7, 20/8

J2 Black, J2 Blue and u14: Thursday 23/5, 20/6, 25/7, 22/8 (at normal training time)

J players (including u14s who play up) - 8am-9am Thurs 27 June; 8am-9am Wed 3 July

u14 and u12 (excluding u14s who play up) - 9am-10am Thursday 27 June; 9am-10am Wed 3 July

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